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Known as the “Keepers of the City,” Locksmith Issaquah is a top rated security provider in the Issaquah area thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ needs. We are a family owned business with deep historical roots within our beloved city. Since our arrival in the mid 80’s, Issaquah’s economy has shown an explosive development throughout the years. At first, and thanks to our highly efficient service, we managed to keep up with the fast pace of new businesses, new stores, and residential areas that followed the appearance of developers who bought the empty farmlands and started to offer new jobs to the people. But soon enough, the demand for security services was on the rise in a way we never saw before, and our little business required an update to survive the tough competition. By 1987 we started to grow and opened a couple of agencies in the flourishing downtown, we knew that the “Squak City” was about to expand a lot, and we wanted to be a part of that. The technological advances threatened the ancient locksmith discipline, and new locking systems and electronic devices rendered the traditional locks obsolete. Giant businesses like Boeing and Microsoft were established here by then so we had to make sure they noticed us. We started to acquire new techniques and devices, as well as hiring and training more professionals. By doing this, we began to dominate the market, providing the best locks, doors, and innovative security solutions like motion detectors and armored doors, which we provided for the first time in the city. The 2003 census showed that Issaquah is the fastest growing city in the state of Washington, and security is now a must. We already cover the entire city and the surrounding neighborhoods and have a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to find solutions for any concern our clients may have in the security world.